Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cover Art

Isn't this a stunning photo?

I stumbled across it among my daughter's photos when I was looking for something else. At first I thought it was a photo she'd taken, but then I realized that those are her legs. Not too likely that she posed and took the shot. She's flexible, but.... even she has limits.

The image has stayed with me, I guess because it's such an unusual subject, the ballet slippers against the backdrop of a chain-link fence in an industrial area.

Then I remembered that the novel I'm working on features a dancer. Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could use this photo on the cover of the book? It would be so perfect to have my daughter as the model. And this is exactly the kind of photo that my last two books have featured, photos that show only one part of the body, the part that suggests what the theme of the book might be... Maybe if I rewrite the setting into a more industrial area....

Okay, I just gave my head a serious shake. I am getting way ahead of myself. The book is only half written. I haven't signed a contract. I may never get it finished and even if I do, chances are that it won't be publishable. And even if I do get it finished and someone agrees to publish it, the publisher always determines what the cover art will be. I've rarely heard of an author having any say on what goes on the front of their books. Their job is to write the story. It is someone else's job to design the book.

But I can dream. And it IS a stunning photo. And I AM a proud mother.


Deborah Hodge said...

Hi Shelley,

It *is* a stunning photo and I think it would make a fantastic book cover image. Probably your publisher would agree. Send it to them with the manuscript!


Giggles said...

Hi Shelley

There is a wonderful aura of mystic in that photo too!! You're an established author, surely you could write it into your contract! I think it's an amazing photo...deserving of credence from the publisher! Violette used her artwork as the cover for her book!

Hugs Sherrie

Tan said...

Agreed. Definitely a cover shot. Your new author photo is lovely, too!

Leslie said...

It is a great photo and as Giggles said, you should make it a part of your contract. You have the power!

Cara said...

Dreams come true :)
We shall make it happen!!!!! YAY

Anonymous said...

Love this picture!!!
I definitely think it is book cover worthy and I can also see it hanging in Cara's bedroom!
Love Carol N.

Robin Stevenson said...

Shelley, this is a fabulous photo. I love it. And yes, it'd make a great cover...